GRP laminate design and engineering

GRP, Is It A Structural Material?

Architecture and Construction

A modern composite laminate, Glass-Reinforced Plastic is a versatile and well-proven construction material that has been used for over 50 years in various architectural roles, replacing more traditional building materials.

The light weight, strength, thermal stability, corrosion resistance and fire retardant properties of GRP and fibreglass laminates (British Standard class 0/1 476) offers far more design freedom to architects and developers.

Architectural fibreglass mouldings include: Wet room and shower flooring

Wet rooms, shower rooms and bathrooms are vulnerable areas to water penetration. Potential solutions include; purpose-made shower pans, wetroom trays or on-site GRP barrier layer fitting. See also GRP Planters.

Roof systems, Cladding & Sidings

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) roofing and cladding systems are a seamless, leak-free and extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional pressed steel or aluminium panels. Long-lasting and robust, stuart:pease GRP roofing can be manufactured to any profile or shape of roof, including over-door canopy forms.

Fibreglass is also the ideal weatherproof and mouldable material for the construction of bespoke exterior features and housings, such as the air conditioning tower produced by stuart:pease and illustrated to the left.

Interior and exterior feature production

Wherever standardised architectural products are required, GRP offers an extremely cost-effective solution to the volume production of doors, walkway plates, handrails, platforms, staircases, fencing… the range is as wide as its applications. See stuart:peasedesign & development service.

Cosmetic Detailing

Architects and designers recognise fibreglass’s special qualities within various interior settings.

When backlit, the material’s translucency, with the density and colour varied according to choice, offers a further dimension of design freedom.

GRP as a primary structural material

Whilst fibreglass composites are widely used within the construction industry to strengthen or refurbish existing buildings, it is less well-known that laminates can be engineered and utilised to form the whole of a primary structure.

GRP’s strength, lightweight and reduced construction complexity offers several, significant advantages over heavy building materials.
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