GRP laminate design and engineering

What Are The Benefits Of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic?

less weight, low costs, complete design freedom…and consistent, reliable, quality.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic is a highly versatile, popular construction material that has found itself at the forefront of many commercial construction projects since the early 1950s thanks to its light weight, lower production cost over traditional alternatives, and the complete design freedom it allows in creating your product.

This last point is especially important, as the incredible versatility of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) can be somewhat mind-bending.

About (GRP) Glass Reinforced Plastic

The excellent strength-to-weight ratio of the material, coupled with its dimensional stability, makes Glass Reinforced Plastic the perfect material for an ever-increasing array of products and construction projects, including pressure vessels, chemical containers, power cabinets, and electrical enclosures, storage tanks and silos, point of sale displays, large-scale signage, kiosks and cubicles, novelty promotional items, shower flooring, roof and cladding systems, amusement park vehicles, moulds, lightweight car bodyworks, airplane parts, turbine rotor blades, playground and skatepark equipment, water slides, swimming pool linings, and much, much more.

Unnaturally Strong

For such an inexpensive collection of raw materials, Glass Reinforced Plastic (more commonly known as fibreglass) is unnaturally strong. It is the perfect construction material for vehicle parts (such as certain airplane parts) or outdoor fixtures (such as playground equipment), due to it being unaffected by sea air and corrosive road salt, where other materials could weather over time.

Here at stuart:pease we have over 40 years of real, hands-on experience working with Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic. We take immense pride in all the GRP products we’ve created for our customers, ensuring we hit our deadlines each and every time.

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