GRP laminate design and engineering

Who Installs And Repairs Fibreglass?

GRP installation & maintenance

From factory to site transport, post-delivery assembly of component elements, and final installation, stuart:pease is highly experienced in managing the logistics involved in commissioning a client’s GRP product, regardless of size or complexity of form.

The maintenance of fibreglass can often be carried out on-site, but the same logistical support applies where damaged GRP components need to be brought into the workshop for repair.

Delivery & transport

Although lightweight and robust, GRP products may require special consideration during transportation to avoid cosmetic or structural damage.

stuart:pease will manage the safe end-to-end movement of manufactured items, including any internal bracing or encasement required for non-rigid components.

Large-scale installation & assembly

The final assembly and on-site installation of larger or sectional constructs can be carried out, or supervised, by stuart: pease’s own engineers, as required.

Off-site GRP repairs

Where repairs need to be carried out in a more controlled environment, this would normally require transport to the main workshops.

Aside from straightforward damage repair, stuart:pease is often called upon to adapt existing products, tools and moulds to meet changes in product role or legislation affecting the manufactured item.

On-site repair, maintenance & refurbishment

Many maintenance functions can be carried out in situ, including; the re-lining of storage tanks, swimming pool and containment pond leak proofing, fracture repairs to pre-assembled GRP structures or purely cosmetic makeovers.

All on-site engineers hold CSCS cards, are ‘harness trained’, IPAF qualified and SSSTS trained.

stuart:pease will be happy to carry out a no-obligation engineering site survey to assess the requirements of your maintenance project accurately.

Please note that ‘site work’ is not covered by the Quality Standard and is therefore excluded from the ISO9001:2015 certification.