GRP laminate design and engineering

Fibreglass GRP Mouldings

Less weight, low costs, complete design freedom…and consistent, reliable quality.

The main advantage of using fibreglass Moulds over other material alternatives is its undeniable strength, due to it being a composite material made from glass fibres and plastic woven together, vastly increasing the strength of either material by itself, despite how lightweight the resulting material is.

Also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), fibreglass mouldings can be produced in any shape and size, with the versatility of these mouldings being one of their main advantages over other, more traditional alternatives.

Fibreglass Moulding Service

Established in 1978, stuart:pease has been designing, manufacturing and installing fibreglass mouldings for over 50 years. stuart:pease work with clients from the outset to help design and develop the client’s ideas and requirements and produce the high-quality fibreglass mouldings that are expected.


stuart:pease has a wealth of experience in producing quality components, having first acquired the quality standard BS5750 in 1994, this quality standard has now progressed to ISO9001:2015, but the strict quality requirements are still being adhered to ensure that fibreglass mouldings of the highest standard are consistently produced.

an array of products

stuart:pease produce an array of products, for example, large bespoke mouldings such as the ‘gold leaf’ metallic bar feature shown on the left – this item was supplied to a bar in Newcastle.

Also, a number of large-volume fibreglass mouldings are supplied to a wide range of customers, for example, the photos on the right show automotive and marine components; both of these fibreglass mouldings have been products in high volumes for many years. See GRP Planters.

Please feel free to view our gallery page, which will show further examples of the various moulds we have produced over the years.

Whatever your requirement, then please feel free to contact us.

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