GRP laminate design and engineering

The History of stuart:pease

stuart:pease have been involved in the fibreglass industry since its formative years in the early 1960s

We have been involved in the fibreglass industry since its formative years in the early 1960s and our ever-expanding business allows us to offer our customers a quality service with an increased production capacity.

Established in 1978, the company can now claim to be one of the most experienced in the industry, producing components for a wide range of products.

We were originally located on the Monksbridge Trading Estate in Dinnington and, in 1985 moved to larger premises at our current site in Taylors Close, Parkgate, Rotherham.  The move was necessary due to a sustained increase in sales and bespoke premises were constructed to cater to the special needs required in manufacturing glassfibre products.

In the early years, the company was mainly manufacturing components for the leisure and Chemical industries and shown in the photograph on the left (top) is one of the first chemical storage tanks produced at the Dinnington works.

In our endeavour to seek out new opportunities and to break into new markets, the company started to move into the field of thermoplastic fabrications (Polypropylene & PVC) in the early 80s.


These thermoplastic materials can be combined with GRP laminates to offer the specific chemical resistance of the thermoplastic lining with the strengh of GRP.

4 pictures

These photographs show Stuart Pease inspecting a large Polypropylene lined GRP reinforced Vacuum filter incorporating steel strengthening bonded into the laminates.

As previously mentioned, in the early days of the the company’s development,, a lot of production time was devoted to contracts for the leisure industry, which is still the case today.

The fire retardant and water resistance properties of specialised resins make GRP an ideal media for use in most leisure environments.

Shown in this photograph of a typical old-fashioned leisure pool installation are fire retardant acoustic correctors and a simple water slide, supplied and fitted by our own site team.


The move to Taylors Close in 1985 was the springboard to greater technical challenges and the embracement of new techniques and materials.

One of the main changes in manufacture came via the introduction of lightweight balsawood or PVC foam cores into the glassfibre laminates, reducing the need for “bolt and braces” steel reinforcing on flat panels or in rectangular tanks.

The rectangular tank shown was one of the first manufactured at the Parkgate works and incorporated a balsawood core. The tank was one part of a water treatment system installed at a Lincolnshire resevoir.

1985 Until Today

Since the move to Parkgate in 1985 the company has moved from strength to strength, more than doubling the workforce and increasing it’s already large customer base.  The increase in production capacity necessitated the building of a further two production/storage units the first in 1990 and the second in 2004.

From it’s instigation the company was renown for it’s commitment to producing quality goods and services and this was enhanced further when in 1994 accreditation to ISO 9001 was granted.

Stuart Pease (Fibreglass) Ltd continues to be a major innovator in the field of glass reinforced plastics and we are rightly proud of our history having undertaken major contracts for many “household name” companies.