GRP laminate design and engineering

Can it be made in fibreglass?

Manufacturing products in GRP

Fibreglass or GRP, with its inexpensive tooling, remains a cost-effective, versatile and reliable construction material for product components across a number of industry sectors.

Whatever the complexity of moulding or the final production volume, stuart:pease is always cost-competitive, with a fast turnaround and an exemplary standard of quality workmanship.

You may also want to visit the design & development section for a step-by-step guide to the production process.

Mould and pattern making

In addition to bespoke patterns and tools fabricated from drawings, their traditional craft skill of hand laying means that stuart:pease can refurbish and adapt existing moulds or reverse engineer tools when the originals have been lost or damaged. See bespoke design & development.

Complete product manufacture

From the initial design discovery phase consultation onward, stuart:pease will continually consult and keep you aware of progress. An individual senior engineer is given overall responsibility for each project, meaning that you have a single point of contact throughout the process… with much less opportunity for information to be lost or mislaid. See past projects.

Complex, single-element, moulded forms

The skilled pattern makers at stuart:pease can work from any technical line drawing in any format so long as critical dimensions are provided. See GRP Planters.

High specification components

Glass-Reinforced Plastic is an immensely versatile material that can be used to form complex shapes to fine tolerances.

Being non-conductive and, when manufactured to fire rating class 0/1, GRP complies with BS476, so it is the ideal composite from which to engineer housings for electrical equipment and components such as the mains sockets incorporated into the hotel vanity unit shown here.

Volume-run manufacturing

Far from being just an inexpensive prototyping material, GRP products can be manufactured in volume, just as cost-effectively and with total consistency of appearance.

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