GRP laminate design and engineering

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GRP makes a point of sale, sell

Visual impact, the flexibility of design, zero maintenance, and excellent cost-effectiveness are the primary factors that make fibreglass composites a favourite material for POS, merchandise display and customer interface furniture.

From checkout isles and shop facias to simple leaflet trays or giant marketing gimmicks, stuart:pease can advise and guide you on all aspects of your visualised product’s production and manufacture.

Reception Desking

GRP allows any company to make a very dramatic and memorable first impression. stuart:pease, working closely with architects and interior designers, have created several, unique, reception and customer-facing items.

The large sphere illustrated to the left was a startling statement piece, designed to complement the shape of the space it occupies and fabricated in the client’s corporate colours. Entering via a seamless door reveals customer information and a product gallery.

Large scale signage

The bigger the sign, the louder the message. Fibreglass allows outside signage to be produced on a much larger scale than traditional, heavier, materials. Weatherproof and translucent, GRP signage can be lit internally for greater visual impact and appeal.

Retail and display

Working closely with shopfitting contractors and designers, stuart:pease have produced counters, fascias and merchandise displays for some of the largest names on the UK high street.

The wide choice of colours, ease of maintenance and its resistance to both normal wear and accidental impact damage makes fibreglass or GRP the first choice of material for high traffic retail environments such as supermarket checkouts.

Kiosks & cubicles

With the security of steel, far lighter than timber and both weather and vandal-proof; GRP kiosks, booths and cubicles can be designed to fit their purpose exactly… with lower tooling and production cost than their metal alternatives.

Novelty advertising features

Street gimmicks such as fibreglass animals, corgi dogs in the case above… produced for the Royal Jubilee, are a popular form of physical marketing. stuart:pease have also produced a number of large scale GRP marketing simulacra including a ‘hot dog’ body kit for a fast food van, giant ice cream cones and a 4 metre alien!

GRP Cabinet mouldings or
GRP Retail & point of Sale.