GRP laminate design and engineering

In Planes, Trains Or Automobiles?

Automotive & Transport Products

GRP and fibreglass composite technology has come a long way since the Jensen Interceptor and Reliant Robin first hit our streets in the early 70s.

Today’s composites offer excellent impact resistance with inherent rigidity and stable, UV-fast colour whilst retaining a well-earned reputation for lightness and low maintenance; GRP is unaffected by sea air and corrosive road salt.

Lightweight car bodywork in fibreglass

GRP’s extremely lightweight and shock-absorbing properties and ability to be formed into complex shapes make composite fibreglass the perfect material for any specialist low-volume vehicle, especially those destined for a life in the fast lane or on the track.

stuart:pease has produced the bodywork for many racing cars (including the Ginetta), kit cars, and adaptive body kits for road cars… both in volume and as one-off bespoke projects such as the Landrover ‘Ibex’, illustrated here.

Components can be supplied as blanks, ready for post-production painting… or manufactured with a durable colour finish, straight from the mould, for the seriously weight-conscious, specialist racing customer.

Aerospace applications

All new commercial airliners and military planes rely upon composite materials for their strength and durability, with hobbyists and kit makers also turning increasingly to GRP.

It’s not just in the air that fibreglass has a role to play… stuart:pease designed, fabricated and installed this state-of-the-art aircrew training simulator.

GRP commercial vehicle body kits

Composite panels are structurally strong but significantly lighter than conventional pressed steel or aluminium, increasing the overall load-carrying capacity of the vehicle.

In addition to cab fronts, aerodynamic spoilers, bumpers, side skirts, air dams, trailer bow fronts and internal cab trim, stuart:pease can produce specialist body conversion kits for PSV and tour vehicles.

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