GRP laminate design and engineering

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Swimming pool lining

Date: 25 Jun 2024

An old/damaged GRP lined swimming pool was repaired; suitably prepared and a new GRP lining was applied, to the delight of the client – ready for summer!

GRP components for the Rail Industry

Date: 01 May 2024

We have manufactured various components of different shapes, sizes and complexities for the rail industry for many years. The product range includes components such as shrouds, valances, litter bins, speaker covers, guards, sink units etc.

The products are manufactured from a variety of fire retardant and low smoke emission materials to meet specific fire retardant standards, for example – class 2, class 1, class 0, HL1, HL2 and HL3.

Please contact us for all your GRP requirements.

Stormforce 10 refurbishments

Date: 01 Apr 2024

A number of log-boats from the ‘Stormforce 10’ ride at Drayton Manor needed refurbishment, as due to their age the bottom of the boats were beginning to lose their non-slip surface, and hence were struggling to travel-up the conveyor.

New patterns and GRP moulds were manufactured, the existing bottoms were removed and replaced with new, and various other components were also replaced at the same time. The customer was delighted with the outcome.

Large GRP sectional enclosure

Date: 01 Mar 2024

This enclosure is approx. 3.1m long x 2.2m wide x 2.6m high. It has double lockable doors, sloping roof, air vents, and an internal flange for fixing purposes. It was made in sections because not only was it quite large, but access to the site was limited and, hence, problematic.

Please be advised that we can manufacture a wide range of GRP cabinets and enclosures of various shapes and sizes, using either general-purpose or fire-retardant materials.

GRP light fittings

Date: 01 Feb 2024

We were commissioned to manufacture 3 off large light fittings for a bar in Sunderland.

To minimise the tooling cost a quarter-section of a timber pattern was manufactured, we then manufactured 4 off GRP production moulds from this pattern, joined the GRP moulds together and then manufactured the one-piece products. The products were then worked-on to remove the joint lines so that the products looked like a one-piece moulding.

The client, ‘Pulp Studios Design House’, was delighted with the end result – as were we!

Happy Retirement Judy

Date: 11 Jan 2024

The day has finally arrived when we wish our dear friend and colleague Judy a fond farewell. After over 18 years of dedicated service and hard work, the time has come to move onto pastures new ……….. this includes spending more time with her children and grandchildren, and I believe that over the next few weeks, she’ll be gaining two puppies, who I’m sure will be pampered to within an inch of their lives!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Judy for her time, effort, experience, and knowledge that she has given during her time with us …………. but more importantly, for her friendship. Judy is one of the nicest people who you could meet, offering help and advice to anyone who asks, she makes time for everyone, and she’s the kind of person who makes a Monday morning feel like a Friday afternoon – she will be sorely missed.

Enjoy your retirement, Judy!


GRP Planters

Date: 07 Dec 2023

We manufacture a wide range of GRP planters of varying shapes and sizes. The blue and green ones shown in the photos are approx. 1m cubed, these are self-supporting and were sited on the roof of an office block in London.

The black products are ‘planter liners’ – these fit inside a timber planter and hence they are made thinner, these are usually for internal use e.g. office space. A temporary timber mould was made for these items due to the low volume required, hence saving time and cost.

The brown products were made to form a continuous run of planters, these products incorporated straights, corner sections and end panels.


GRP components for climbing walls

Date: 02 Nov 2023

We are currently manufacturing GRP components for climbing walls, these include both convex and concave shapes of varying sizes. They are made in a base colour and coloured and textured (if required) to suit the customers’ requirements!